Google+ grows to second most popular social network

If your business doesn’t already, it needs to look wider than Facebook for its social media strategy; according to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ is now the second largest social media platform in the world, with Twitter one to watch.

Although Facebook still remains at the top of social media platforms, figures recently released for 2012, show that Google+ increased its ‘active’ user base by 27% to 343m over the year. This will likely come as a shock to many critics, who dismissed Google+ as a white elephant at the time of its launch.

Still, Facebook remains stronger. Arguably fighting against its own success, market saturation was eventually going to be a problem for Facebook – but not yet; they grew their active user base by 33% in 2012, with 693m users regularly using the social network.

The strongest growth in 2012 however belongs to Twitter. Last year saw Twitter’s active users increase by 40%, taking their total up to 288m, but still in 4th place behind Youtube.

The coming year will likely see Twitter’s growth increase further, and faster again. Although part of Google’s strength lies in the connectivity of Google accounts (Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, etc) – Twitter has managed to gain itself a “trendy” status which is something that Google+ lacks. Twitter also has gained publicity through use amongst celebrities, but mainly due to its ability to encourage immediate discussion on any topic; which sees it ideally suited, and frequently used to engage TV audiences.

What does this mean to me?

In short, you can not ignore Google+ and Twitter as serious aspects of your social media strategy. For a short time, social media predominantly meant Facebook – this is no longer the case.

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